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My personal issue of the month

Why do guys always tell me,

"You’re attractive, but not my type."

Then proceed to try and get with me, sexually or romantically.

On one hand I feel positive: like I’m breaking your barrier and you like what you see and how I do.

On the other, negatively I’m thinking they are trying to call me a Vespa or a brown bag booty call.

Like I can’t, I’m trying to work on me and I’ve felt more and more attractive in my eyes. I love that I’m someone who can switch from masculine to feminine. Trendy and geeky. I have so much to me and I identify as a little bit of everything, but this statement is something I’ve heard since I’ve come out of the closet. Is there no end to this bullshit statement?

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white people goin ham in the apple store over applecare this is the future

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Last night I performed

And despite being hella nervous, I haven’t sung in stage in two years, I got mostly positive feedback.

I was so scared I started shaking on stage, but I pushed through and did the damn thing.

The little Latin boy, put himself out there, and unlike what his negative cloud space had told him, it was a good thing. People appreciated what I did, conversed with me about what I do, and overall made me feel really good about it. I’ve been told I’m a comedic actor, and now I feel like I can pursue music again as well.

I’m elated as to the possibilities now.